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Background and Academic Position - BA in Economics and Banking, University of Siena, 1998. - PhD in Public Administration, University of Siena, 2002. - Senior Lecturer in Business Administration, University of Siena, 2004. - Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Management Science, University of Pavia (since 2011) - Director of the Museum of Electrical Technology and Controller of the System of Pavia University Museums (since November 2015) - Master of Castiglioni Brugnatelli College (EDiSU Pavia) (since October 2016) International Activity She has been Visiting Researcher at the Department of Park & Recreation and Tourism Resources, Michigan State University (2001); at the Department of Business and Economics, University of Castiglia La Mancha (2003), at the College of Food Tourism Creative Studies, University of Birmingham (2007), and Visiting Lecturer at the Kozminski University (2014). Research field ? Cultural Heritage Management ? Business Planning and Social Reporting ? Accounting History Teaching - Business Plan - Financial Analysis - Public Administration Main publication 1. Managing Cultural Heritage: Ecomuseum, Community Governance and Social Accountability, Palgrave-MacMillan, 2014 (ISBN : 9781137481535) 2. Accounting and Food Provisioning for Public Interest: The Case of the Azienda Annonaria di Vigevano (1915-1920), (co-author Francesca Pepe), in Accounting and Food. Some Italian Experiences edited by Luciano D’Amico, Roberto Di Pietra and Massimo Sargiacomo, Routledge, 2016: pp. 325-353 3. Beyond the Orthodoxy of New Public Management: The Outcome Evaluation in the Italian Strategic Cities (co-author Francesca Pepe), “Journal of US-China Public Administration”, Vol. 12; n°12/2015: 899-911 4. Medium-size enterprises in industrial districts: an exploratory study (co-authors: Barbara Aquilani, Lorenzo Zanni) in “The EuroMed Journal of Business” (VQR: D), 3 (2), 2008, pp. 133-137 5. Agricultural Accounting in the Nineteenth and the Early Twentieth Centuries: The Case of The Noble Rucellai Family Farm in Campi (coauthor R. Mussari) in “Accounting, Business & Financial History” (VQR: D), Vol. 17, n° 1, April 2007, Routledge, London, pp. 87-183 6. La contabilità per il governo delle istituzioni ecclesiastiche: un case history (co-autore Roberto Di Pietra), “Contabilità e Cultura Aziendale” (VQR: D) n°1/2015: 89-119

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