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Enrico Cotta Ramusino



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I graduated at the University of Pavia in 1982 and I participated in the first edition of the Ph.D in Business Management at Bocconi University, Milan. I have been Professor at the Universities of Perugia, Varese and Pavia, always beeing focused on teaching business management and corporate finance courses.
At present I hold two 9 credits courses, Firm Valuation and Capital Market Instruments, in the LM in International Business and Economics (MIBE), and Finanza Aziendale Progredito, in the LM in Economia e Legislazione di Impresa (MELI). My research interests are at the moment in two main fields: the impact of intangible assets on firm's performance and relative valuation. I have had significant professional experience in the field of firm valuation and business planning and as a technical consultant of the court of Milan.

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