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After the first degree in Economics (Pavia, 1979), Giorgio Rampa was awarded the M.Phil. of Economics at the University of Cambridge (1981) and the Italian PhD in Economics (Pavia, 1987). He was assistant professor of Economics (Pavia, 1987-1992), associate professor and then full professor of Economics at the University of Genova (1992-2008). He is full professor of Economics at the University of Pavia since 2008. His past and current teaching activity includes Microeconomics, Economics of information, Macroeconomics, Applied economics, General equilibrium theory, Economic dynamics. Giorgio Rampa has been the dean of the Department of Economics and Management Sciences (2014-2017) and a member of the Academic Senate of the University of Pavia (2015-2017). His research interests are (or have been) in Input-output analysis, Economic dynamics, Learning and rationality (also applied to Innovation economics and to Law and economics)

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