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I am currently an Assistant Professor of Financial Mathematics at the University of Pavia, Department of Economics and Management. I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the African School of Economics in Benin (2018); a faculty member at Boston University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics as a Postdoctoral Associate (2015-2017); a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Pavia (Fall 2016, Fall 2017); and a Research Fellow at the University Cá Foscari of Venice (2014-2015).
I hold a PhD and Doctor Europaeus in Economics from the Graduate School of Economics and Management jointly organized by the Universities of Venice, Verona and Padova; Master’s in Economics from the University Cá Foscari of Venice; and Master of Applied Mathematics in Economics and Finance from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.
My areas of research/work is centered around development and application of network models for macroeconomic modeling and forecasting, financial markets, risk analytics, and advancing data-driven techniques to solve analytical problems. I am currently involved in research projects focused on developing techniques and case studies for Fintech credit risk management.

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